Tales of Inappropriate Hippie Dancing #12

This week, on Tales of Inappropriate Hippie Dancing: this guy at Amnesia’s happy hour set yesterday:

Psych! There is no such thing as “Tales of Inappropriate Hippie Dancing”, because all the “tales” would be: “Yeah this weird bearded guy came in and started dancing all crazy. First it was funny, then it was sad, then everyone started looking away uncomfortably.”

Still, you gotta admire that I-don’t-give-a-shit-what-you-think attitude, especially since most of us enjoy the music by crossing our arms and nodding subtly behind that invisible 15-foot forcefield around the stage.

The excellent band, by the way, is Seattle’s Casy MacGill’s Blue 4 Trio. They are playing at the Verdi Club on Friday if you’re into this stuff.


Dolores Park Interpretive Dancer Takes It All Off

4 Responses to “Tales of Inappropriate Hippie Dancing #12”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    One word question: Deodorant?

  2. jonstarbuck says:

    That is a Greenpeace “Stop Global Warming” T-shirt.

  3. laurie bk says:

    my hero! if the music faded into angelo badalamenti, maybe i’d start to get uncomfortable. or hypnotized.

  4. Hippie Shop says:

    Must have been an old timer