La Oaxaqueña Really Is The Best Late Night Option

Have you found yourself munching on stale chips and too-hot green salsa at Taqueria Cancun 3 times in a week due to lack of a better late night Mission food option?

Next time, check out La Oaxaqueña, the easy-to-miss small bakery on Clarion and Mission. They are open until 2 am (!), it’s rarely crowded, and the food is amazing. The selection is a lot more exotic than what you’ll find at Cancun or Farolito, with papusas, tamales, mole, and even grasshopper.

The banana leaf mole tamale is less than 4 bucks and it’s probably the best tamale I’ve ever had. It’s not just the awesome mole and the well seasoned chicken that does it. The masa (that corn stuff that makes up 70% of a tamale) is so tasty that I find myself scraping all the little bits of it off the folds of the leaf so I don’t waste any.

This is old news to a lot of you, but since eating there at 12:30am Tuesday, I really can’t stop thinking about how thankful I am that they are there.

[photo by angefasu]

5 Responses to “La Oaxaqueña Really Is The Best Late Night Option”

  1. ct says:

    That place is fantastic.

  2. Steve says:

    This is place is great, but the green sauce at Cancun is NOT too hot. It’s perfect.

  3. The Gauntlet says:

    I’ve eaten here twice and the food was terrible (undercooked and stale) and the service awful both times. beware of what you order!

  4. SFDoggy says:

    I have only had the mole enchiladas here, but they rock. The mole sauce is amazing and the chicken is moist and tasty.

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