Policeman Tickets Bicycle For Parking Illegally Underneath a Toyota

Either that, or the bike got hit by a car. What is it with drivers this week?

Reader Jack, fills us in:

just snapped this shot while biking home from work today. This was on 16th between Guerrero and Dolores.

4 Responses to “Policeman Tickets Bicycle For Parking Illegally Underneath a Toyota”

  1. Grego says:

    I saw a classic Eddy Merckx being loaded into an ambulance today at Market/NewMontgomery around 2:30PM. Presumably its rider had already been loaded up. There were cops and a fire trunk on the scene; the cops were asking questions of a guy driving a red Firebird. Sigh. Hope the rider is OK.

  2. Amy says:

    eesh, look at the seat.

  3. zzzz says:

    I’m guessing the bicyclist was a victim of the spontaneous u-turn. Almost completely unavoidable around here.

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