Hipster 3rd of July BBQ in LA

What??? What do you expect? A bald spot?

10 Responses to “Hipster 3rd of July BBQ in LA”

  1. Allan Hough says:

    “What the fuck is this,” you ask? I’m no doctor, but I think Andrew Sarkarati is stoned and possibly in Los Angeles.

  2. GP says:

    That’s my friend Caleb’s house. I stay there a lot. He said to say that you are losers for even thinking his party was bloggable material and if that’s what makes you feel cool, then check yourselves.

    I’m generally a fan of you guys, but I generally think Andrew sucks, as is supported by this post.

    • Allan Hough says:

      I generally think a suck post now and then helps make this blog feel alive.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      caleb’s grilled carrots and tomatoes were generally delicious. next time i’ll blog about how we watched BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA that night.

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      BTW are you ever going to reveal the whereabouts of your < a href="/2010/03/30/mission-taquerias-need-to-step-it-up/#comment-20776" rel="nofollow">secret taqueria in the mission with only 6 seats???

  3. KE says:

    I remember Andrew at the BBQ, GP. Think he was the guy with the mustache and purple flannel. It was hot out. Apparently he ralphed later on and made out with a hipster. Sounds like he had a good night actually.

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