Eating From Sidewalk-Adjacent Herb Gardens (Don't Do It?)

Kati over at Ohio to San Francisco (from whence this picture came) says:

I’m not sure about eating basil from a planter box on Harrison.

Me neither. But, I looove me some pesto, so I won’t ask and please don’t tell.

4 Responses to “Eating From Sidewalk-Adjacent Herb Gardens (Don't Do It?)”

  1. Ferocious Foot Odor says:

    I repeat, could you jokers at Tree People or whatever you are put a fucking tree in there? Or hey, Cafe Attitude, how about this for a menu item: “I am off my ass and planting trees, tree”

    Meanwhile I’m trying to keep my dog off it until pasta night.

  2. Kyle Madison says:

    It’s somebody else’s. Don’t eat it. Besides, it’s been fertilized with urine.

  3. Lapidgeon says:

    I’m just amazed someone actually took the time to build that box. It’s like they’ve never been here before. We should start a pool regarding when and what type of defilement will be perpetrated against that tiny garden.

  4. Kenny says:

    Ha, I agree with what you say, you should plant in a big garden!!