Responsible Pet Ownership in the Mission

Happy Monday, readership! I forgot to post our weekly SPCA update on Friday, so I’ll do it now, and I’ll also preface it with a comment from the previous week’s post, from our buddy Cranky Old Mission Guy:

I’m a big fan of these SFSPCA posts that Houghie has been doing every Friday, and it’s because I adopted an animal from our local pound on 16th St., and it was way easier than I thought it would be, and even more rewarding than I ever imagined.

I knew that my building was supposed to be “no pets”, but I had been living there for a few years, so I had a talk with the building manager about making an exception. I emphasized the point that it wouldn’t be some huge, noisy beast, and he knew that I don’t spend 18 out of 24 hours in a day elsewhere. In the end, he not only allowed the pet, but allowed several more for other tenants. A victory for responsible animal companionship.

Aside from that, I also have to say that my adopted pet, who had some trust issues, has been a total joy and an almost constant furry companion — even on vacations. My life and hers have both been improved.

So that’s what I have to say about it; if you don’t want to do it, that’s fine. But if you think you might want to, and you’re not sure you’ll be allowed, give it some more thought. It might work out.

Think it over! And then give these guys a gander:


Jackpot hit it big when he caught a ride to SF from Madera and now he is looking to really it the jackpot by finding a new, forever home. He is big, but gentle, and walks well on leash. When excited he will do cute play bows to try to engage you in playing with him. He has also tried really hard to wait until someone can take him outside to take care of his business, so housetraining in a home with a regular schedule should be a snap.

Hot Cookie

Hot Cookie is an energetic little guy. He has a really macho stature- there is something about him that is reminiscent of a beefy wrestler. Hot Cookie loves meeting new people, sitting on laps, playing fetch and treats, all of which will make him highly trainable. He is still in the energetic puppy phase at 1yr 7mos so we recommend that Hot Cookie and his new guardians attend some of the excellent training classes here at the SFSPCA.

All pets adopted from SFSPCA have received a pre-adoption veterinary exam and behavior assessment, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and a microchip.

Where: The San Francisco SPCA’s Maddie’s Adoption Center
Address: 250 Florida Street (at 16th – Street)
Hours: Open Tues – Friday 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Closed Mondays and major holidays.
Contact: 415-522-3500,
Follow SFSPCA at and


Irresponsible Pet Ownership in the Mission by Tomi Laine Clark

8 Responses to “Responsible Pet Ownership in the Mission”

  1. meligrosa says:

    oh doggies <3 pets are the best!!

  2. ooeygooey says:

    I want to give a shout to Northern California Family Dog Rescue. We adopted our dog from them in May. We have kids, and too often the SPCA won’t allow families with young kids to adopt. Our dog was deemed too nervous to show at the pound (to anyone), so instead of leaving her to languish in a pen without hope, the rescue org took her to a private home to determine her temperament, and she immediately warmed up. And now we have her and she’s terrific. So, if you have kids and would like a dog, check them out.

  3. Kyle Madison says:

    Responsible pet ownership in the city: Leash and muzzle your pitbull at all times. Better yet, have it destroyed.

      • tacotron says:

        Pit Bulls can be some of the most sweet, loveable dogs on this planet if given the proper care, and affection. I however, have no time for such a thing. So instead, I own a cat. If he fucks it up and pisses somehwere it’s inside my house. haha good thing he doesnt because he rocks

      • Kyle Madison says:

        If given the proper care. And who’s doing that and how am I to know when one is rambling passed me with no leash in the park or on the street. The idiots in SF should apply the same mentality toward pits that they do to guns. They’re dangerous, made to kill, and there’s no such thing as “the right hands”.

  4. friscolex says:

    The SFSPCA rocks; between them and Animal Care and Control, a lot of animals make a lot of people very happy.

    My pup goes to the vet at the SPCA and they’re awesome! Excellent care, reasonable prices, good customer service.

    An unrelated business, Bernie’s grooming operates out of the AC&C building, and is fantastic grooming.

    Basically, lots of pet lovin’ going on there by 16th/Alabama. :-)