Punks Can Be Kinda Cool Sometimes

That is all.

[Photo and Title by Scotty Roo Karate]

28 Responses to “Punks Can Be Kinda Cool Sometimes”

  1. Jefe says:

    Long time creeper, first time poster. That guy is the best and should be treated to an ice cream.

  2. beth says:

    I weren’t gay I’d want to marry him.

  3. moderniste says:

    I sent this to my (very liberal) Mum, and you’ll be happy to know that the 65+ radical women in Sacramento are getting a kick out of this right now :)

  4. Hey Andrew – Do you know where this was sourced? Did dude shoot the pick himself? It’s epic!

    • Andrew Sarkarati says:

      not exactly yet! still waiting to hear. will update if necessary!

      • moderniste says:

        The Hub? Where is that? I’ve been ex-pat from Sact0 long enuf to not know anything about venues except for Old Ironsides. And if my Mum did show up, which she used to do at *my* old punk band’s gigs in the late 80s, she’ll bring dinner for all the bandmates.

      • Andrew Sarkarati says:

        here’s an article about it

  5. blog dahlia says:

    this pic will be an internet fenominon any minute.

  6. Matt Gonzalewitz says:

    Hey Tankcrimes – dont put your stickers on top of graffiti stickers. Otherwise, carry on.

  7. supapimp says:

    that’s some hella effin funny shite! LMAO

  8. Matt Gonzalewitz says:

    Anne Rice just bailed on Christ
    sorry if you cant link stuff here.

  9. @marycray says:

    I love how recyclable his sign is. For any occasion that fits.

  10. Ariel Dovas says:

    The guy on the left is making sure that even if you can’t read you can at least enjoy a graphic of anal sex.

  11. nicky papers says:


  12. Kyle Madison says:

    I wonder if the guy who drew the buttsex on that sign got a woody from it. That must have been confusing.

  13. Kindra says:

    does this come in a small poster size or can i get a copy of the print? I would like to frame it & hang it in my apt!

  14. RUDE!!! says:

    What do you mean punks can be kinda cool sometimes?

    • pegmapress says:

      Yeah, no shit. Every punk I’ve known, seriously, has been polite, mostly soft-spoken, and funny. Hell, bring one home to Mother!

  15. mcas says:

    Jesus folks– really? It’s completely obviously photoshopped. The white sign doesn’t even fit properly, and there’s no hand holding it up. I hate people who shout ‘PHOTOSHOPPED!” on blogs, but damn. It’s a really, really bad photoshop.

    • moderniste says:

      Are you sure? Cuz I’ve made signs before with a piece of wood on the back as a hand grip, and the white sign on the “top” could be a piece of painted paper glued to a cardboard base.

  16. Charlie Teyn says:

    I did a pixel-extrusion on the photo – it’s real.

  17. hae eun says:

    My favorite picture of all time now!

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