Oddfellow Shoes-On-Wire Art

Shoes-on-wire art is gonna be huge. What better way is there to get your name out and indicate that you can buy crack on this block?


Hobo Oddfellow

Oddfellow’s First Appearance in Tales of the Mission Issue #16

Cone in a Hole and Other Codes of the City

4 Responses to “Oddfellow Shoes-On-Wire Art”

  1. jeezycreezy says:

    Hah, wow.
    That’s a spectacular idea……I think the only issue, though, is that (personally at least) I see shoes on power lines, but out of the corner of my eye. I never actually look AT them, because it’s such a common thing that I’ve seen so often.
    It’d be neat if someone did something like neon green shoes, though–now THAT I would look at.

  2. James O'Boston says:

    Excellent use of 30 seconds of video? Is this a new medium – the video still image?

  3. Taca says:

    Where I come from, if you see a pair of shoes hanging on the power lines, it means that the dealer is there!
    Just saying….