Escalades and Baller Cars

Somebody was saying something about wanting to share a cab up to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this weekend. Well, here’s a better idea: This company UberCab wants to give Mission Mission readers a $20 credit if they open an account. You can use that $20 toward a ride in a Benz or an Escalade or one of many other “baller cars” at their disposal, and show up to HSB in style.

Watch a demo video here to see how it all works, and if you decide to try it, put “Mission20″ in the promo field for your special credit.

21 Responses to “Escalades and Baller Cars”

  1. kiya says:

    I was about to sign up then i saw their rates:
    $8.00 base + $4.90 per mile
    + $1.25 per idle minute

    They state it’s “1.5x the price of a taxi”, that’s a lie if the rates above are right.
    It’s actually more like 3x the price of a taxi.

    • joshua says:

      only a baller can afford the 3x, obvs.

      • Mickey says:

        I work in the Mission, and live in the Sunset. I normally bicycle or MUNI, but on occasionally I’ve had to take cab on an emergency(MUNI in the AM but kid is sick at Pre-School). It’s 7 miles to Ocean Beach so $43. Cab would be close to $30 PLUS tip = pretty close. AND you are NOT to TIP UBER: they said to report driver if asked. It’s been difficult on occasion to get cab. So I’m going to give them a try

  2. Mary says:

    Sweet! I’m gonna go baller style this weekend. Thanks for the deal. Hope I get the escalade.

  3. John R. says:


    Bicycle is the way to get to HSBG

  4. Just signed up but the code gives only a $10 credit so a bit of false advertising there guys. I’d suggest you contact UberCab and tell them to fix it. Starting off on the wrong foot IMHO.

  5. void says:

    All Escalades should be destroyed.

  6. Danielle says:


  7. James says:

    There are better ways to make money off of this blog than advertise a scummy service that most Mission Mission readers would never use.

  8. HUGE ICE says:

    yeah fuck this, let alone expecting everyone to have iphones… typical rich mission hipster bs. one of the reasons why i moved out of the mission.

  9. Amy says:

    So yes, bikes are the best way to get around SF. But UberCab kicks the pants off waiting 30 minutes on the sidewalk for a cab — I’ve used their service before and it was great.

  10. Hipster Scum says:

    Bikes are not the only way to get to HSB, Ubercab is offering a gas guzzling alternative. Shut up hippy.

    And stop speaking out of your asses “most Mission Mission readers would never use” – WTF? Who died and made you spokeperson for mission mission readers?

    The hypocrisy of mission dwelling “I’m not a hipster” folk is delicious.

    • James says:

      It’s an accurate observation, not a spokesperson’s statement. There are so many better ways to get to HSB. Why would you want to take an Escalade?

  11. JJ says:

    Typed in the code, the site said the code was no longer active. Blah.

  12. JJ says:

    Update: late on a Sunday night, support got back to me and got me all set up. Nice. I usually bike everywhere but it’s good to know that when my bike has been stolen and I still need to get to the party, I can do so in a big shiny black car.

  13. @arabellatv says:

    People who are complaining about this service obviously never had to carry video production equipment on their backs while riding a bike or the Muni/BART. And sometimes, you don’t have a car. Sometimes you just need a cab. And sometimes, San Francisco has ridiculous events that take up all of the available cabs in the city. It’s not bad to have options.