Go Giants at Mission Bicycle

Mission Bicycle is getting into the spirit:

Everything in our window is Giants orange. Including a special bike that Esther built on Sunday to celebrate our victory. Hours later it caught the eye of JackJones.com who was in town to for a photo shoot. So whoever buys this bike get’s a set of beautiful professional photos. This baby should be $870 but if the G…iants win on Wednesday, we’ll let her go for $799. 59cm frame. First come first serve.

Check out their Facebook page for more!

18 Responses to “Go Giants at Mission Bicycle”

  1. AT0MIKFR0 says:

    That is not a good bicycle.

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    800 bucks seems like an awful lot of money for a bike with some of the finest bicycle technology the year 1885 had to offer.

  3. sf says:

    Single gear bikes are useless in San Francisco. There is a world outside of Valencia street between 16th and 21st.