Free Ash Reiter Show Tonight at Elbo Room Sponsored by JanSport

These are the feet of Ash Reiter frontwoman Ash Reiter, who you might remember from her viral video smash Paper Diamonds. Tonight, Ash Reiter the band brings the rock ‘n’ roll to Elbo Room. It’s free, and sponsored by JanSport, so you might get a free backpack to boot, or something.

Andrew Sarkarati saw them at Hotel Utah with me last month and had a great time, even though he normally doesn’t like anything that’s not Boney M. or Abba, so you’ll probably have a good time too. RSVP on Facebook if you want.

P.S. “Stumble and Fall” is one of my favorite Ash Reiter songs. It starts to kick into gear around the 1-minute mark, so be patient:

One Response to “Free Ash Reiter Show Tonight at Elbo Room Sponsored by JanSport”

  1. hicky says:

    omg i love Boney M. – heard them blasting from the fabric store at 17th/Mish today and was made so happy. Maybe I’ll like this Ash Reiter lady too