Nice Hat

Forget Internet Cafes

Hot tip: the corner of 19th and Valencia gets great wifi from a well-placed antenna. On top of that, the trash bin makes a great laptop stand and dog anchor. No need to buy a cup of coffee for the priviledge, either.

Any other good spots?

[via honeyjets]

Infrared Dolores Park

Status Frustration just published this infrared photo of our favorite place on earth. I’m not exactly sure what infrared is, but I think it has something to do with robots or spy planes or robot spy planes, so I’m down. It looks even better large, so do blow it up.

Restaurant and Upstairs Neighbors Hate Each Other, Duke It Out With Signage

I guess those dudes upstairs hated Schmidt’s from the beginning, and have had their sign up for a while. Mission Local wrote about the drama over the summer (it’s a good read), and now Schmidt’s has the article posted in their window:

Would a BAD NEIGHBORS sign keep you from going to a restaurant you liked? I dunno. Beretta could shit on their upstairs neighbors’ doorstep on a regular basis and I’d still be there later enjoying my margherita with burrata, squid ink risotto, both bruschettas and an Improved Whiskey or two.

[All photography by We Built This City]

Tubby Hottie

Jen Oaks produced this charming work of art for Fat Zine earlier this year. It was wildly popular, and now is available as a print! It’s a limited edition and tres affordable at only $8.

Check it out!

Pedicab Service Comes to the Mission

I think the driver said his business is called Scumbag Rickshaw or something like that, and that I could find him on Facebook. But I can’t find it, and I’m pretty sure it’s actually not “Scumbag.” My memory of this is a little foggy. Somebody help me out?

Late-Night Nelly Party at Katz Bagels

They were blasting “It’s Getting Hot in Herre” inside and out, and this crew was partying HARD. A guy outside told me the pizza in there is the best in the city. (And he said his second favorite was the Extreme Pizza on Folsom.)



Late-Night Pattern Party at Delirium

Usually you’re horrified by what you see when the lights come on at a quarter to two, but this scene was a pleasant surprise. I hope this trio went out for tacos together afterward, walking arm in arm and singing Billy Idol songs.

Which It's-It Is Best?

Conventional wisdom says mint, right? And it’s got to be an It’s-It brand It’s-It, no homemade B.S., right? (Usually. But last night I had a homemade variation with almond-oatmeal cookie and Chartreuse ice cream. Epic. Thanks, Jono and Jane and Courtney!)

Which It’s-It is best?

[Photo by Male Awareness Day]

Black Friday Critical Mass Meets Baton-Wielding Riot Police in Union Square

Look at the size of that baton. And three or four of them were wearing gas masks.

All we wanted to do was cruise down Powell into the morass of Black Friday shoppers and see what was up, but NOOO. These guys had to blockade the whole neighborhood all geared up for war. God forbid anybody messes with commerce on the biggest shopping day of the year.

The ride was super fun though. A small group, nimble, good attitudes, and a few scenic stops: