Egg War

In addition to being a publisher of personal appeals, Wikipedia is also a vast repository of knowledge. Here’s a sampling:

The Egg War is the name given to an 1863 conflict between rival egging companies on the Farallon Islands, 25 miles off San Francisco. It was the culmination of several years of tension between the (Pacific) Egg Company, which claimed the right to collect the eggs on the islands, and several rival firms. The resulting violence claimed two lives, but left the Egg Company in sole control of the islands’ eggs. Its victory was short lived; the company sold the rights to use the islands in the late 1870s and the federal government removed all egging companies from the islands in 1881.

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Is There Anyplace in San Francisco You Can Get Bread Like This?

Or do you have to go to Europe?

[Photo by cacalote]

UPDATE: Rainbow! Thanks, Rich!


Beautiful Dark Twisted San Francisco Visitor's Map Now Available As Limited Edition Print

Gonzo cartographer David Enos debuted this gripping drama about a year ago, and today has finally made it available for purchase. Just in time for the holidays! See here.

The Kids Drink Flor de Caña

Maybe Four Loko is really over. Maybe this award-winning Nicaraguan rum is the new jam. Carlos Reyes has a bunch more compelling evidence right here.

New Blog on the Block

Not much content posted yet, but it’s about our esteemed neighbor to the south, it’s called Bernalwood and it looks like it’s going to be fun.

Creepy Santa

From the wrong angle this Mission Street Santa Claus creeps me out.

Nude and Loving It [NSFW]

These happy people and more are in the bathroom at Oddball. Just one of many reasons to hang out at Oddball.

Miracle on 24th Street

Even though I’ve lived through quite a few Christmas seasons here in the Mission, for some reason I’ve never noticed these Christmas lights adorning all the trees lining 24th Street.  Do these get put up every year?  Who is behind this festive endeavor?  With Thanksgiving weekend still in its death throws, they sure didn’t waste any time!

For those of you who want to get a sense of how we celebrate the holidays here at MM, just pour a little whiskey in your champurrado and sit around the fireplace listening to this:


Sunset on the 5


At the least the one good thing about being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in the middle of California on the 5 (or is it I-5?) is that it afforded us the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

Which Way to the Babe Cave?

I was hoping something nice and seedy would happen, but the arrows led to the front door of Laszlo’s. Booooring.