Rollerblade Football

He says he’s been skating the streets of the Mission every night for the last seven years, although this is the first time that I’ve ever seen him.  Nonetheless, he’s definitely on to something, just like those rollerblade soccer players that you sometimes see at Sunday Streets (or in North Beach).

He told me to go long for a hail mary, but after I had sprinted half a block in a perfect deep route, he pulled a Michael Vick and just tucked the ball for a quarterback sneak.  Hopefully he managed to avoid being sacked by the Muni bus in hot pursuit.

4 Responses to “Rollerblade Football”

  1. brian says:

    i see that guy about once a month in the morning practicing his play action fakes in the bike lane behind the safeway on market. the dude has got a nice ball fake for someone on roller blades.

  2. I wondered where he’d gone–he used to haunt the area in between the Asian Art Museum and Main Library, I gathered that he got kicked out of Civic Center.

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