Abortion Film Festival Coming Soon to the Roxie

Late Saturday night I got a text from somebody (pictured) lucky enough to attend John Waters’ pricey benefit show at (and for) our favorite (and only) neighborhood movie theater:

John Waters just promised to start the Abortion Film Festival at the Roxie.

Oh, good! Can’t wait!

[Photo by Frank Chan]

One Response to “Abortion Film Festival Coming Soon to the Roxie”

  1. Sarah Flores says:

    I hope that does indeed happen. Someone needs to tell them to try and secure the rights to a little cinematic gem called “The Suckling”… it takes place in a whore house/abortion clinic, it’s from the 80′s and it has a radio active fetus. Need I say more? Also, Cowards Bend the Knee by Guy Maddin is a good one.