Will Ritual Roasters Get a Permanent Parklet or Not?

We mentioned the possibility last month.

Today, the Examiner explains why some NIMPS are seeking to block the the endeavor:

Neighbors’ main complaint is the loss of parking spaces. The project outside Ritual Roasters, for example, would take up two spaces on the street.

Other people, however, worried that the seating areas would attract homeless people and drug use after business hours, and others were concerned that the areas are too close to traffic.

Laura Marcic, who lives next to Ritual Coffee Roasters, said she worries that the increased seating area will attract a crowd after hours, which will lead to more noise and trash.

“It’s a gamble,” she said. “I’m not all for it, but I’m a single mother and I can’t take off work to protest at a hearing.”

Read on.

[via NBC Bay Area] [fun new acronym by SocketSite]

25 Responses to “Will Ritual Roasters Get a Permanent Parklet or Not?”

  1. Shitaminer says:

    “The coffeehouse does also have supporters. Of the 51 letters sent to DPW about the application, only 10 were objections, Falvey said.”

    Pretty much renders this article, not to mention the Examiner Irrelevant. So this “story” came to light due to 10 nimblets?

    Way to expose the truth MM/Examiner. Next up, noise complaints registered by senior citizen nimbyzens in S.F.’s Ft. Lauderdale district.

    • johnny0 says:

      Nimblets, nice — using that one again.

    • SFDoggy says:

      @shit: nimblet is clever, but maybe people should focus on the neighbors concerns. They sound reasonable to me, even if they aren’t necessarily sufficient to stop the project.

      Why shouldn’t people be allowed to discuss how public space is used in their neighborhood? “NIMBY” is just an insult that seeks to silence those who care about where they live. So rather than calling people names, maybe you should actual consider their concerns.,

      • thegrinch says:

        Are parking spaces considered “public space?” (That’s not me being rude, it’s an actual question!)

      • shitaminer says:

        Listening to 10 opponents while ignoring 41 proponents is what’s wrong with this city, at least in this case. I never said they couldn’t discuss it, and I’m not trying to “silence” anyone, what are you a drama major? NIMBY is an easy way to reference people who oppose “good” and “bad” shit in their backyard. A NIMBY could be a very sane, logical person who doesn’t want a WalMart in their backyard (would be pretty rad), or a parklet on their block (more rad). I’m just saying (and have said, re-read my comment word-for-word), that article is ridiculous. That was their lead/front page story in their print edition. Then in the fine print they say 10 fucking people oppose it? It’s a stupid fucking paper and it’s a stupid fucking article.

      • SFDoggy says:

        @Grinch: My point is that streets and sidewalks are public space. This strip could be used for auto parking, a parklet, bike parking, a bus stop etc. However it is allocated it is still “public space” , even if it has been dedicated to a particular use.

  2. testy says:

    not in my public street?

    • heather says:

      not in my penny saver
      not in my post script
      not in my peter sagal
      not in my poop scoop
      not in my porn shop
      not in my pressure soaker
      not in my pants seam
      not in my pacemaker syndrome
      not in my power supply
      not in my pico-second
      not in my product safety
      not in my precious storefront
      not in my paranoid schizophrenia
      not in my precious scene
      not in my parking space

  3. cheeks says:

    Ok, let me get this straight—these Ritual folks bitched and moaned about the proposed Blue Bottle trailer in Dolores Park, citing that the mixture of commerce and public space would just be too unbearable for their righteous souls. Now, they are trying to have a “parklet” installed in front of their joint. Very, very interesting. And hilarious.

    • redbearded says:

      Stop the commercialization of parklets!!!

    • MrEricSir says:

      In all fairness, the conversion of public space to public space is different than renting public space for private use.

    • moderniste says:

      Yeah, I noticed the same glaring inconsistancies amongst the reasoning of Ritual’s owner. She bitched and moaned about Blue Bottle *and* American Apparel, but now that she needs something, all of a sudden she has a noble cause.

      What’s that old saw about your cake?

  4. berber says:

    you all know that the lady who owns ritual is the gf of chicken john, right?

    • disinterest says:

      Oddly, I believe people will care about this and continue to ignore the fact that Ritual Coffee tastes like a more-robust yet still burned Starbucks.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        That’s just crazytalk. Ritual makes damnfine coffee. I especially like their light roasts.

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I hope this happens. The more of these little parklets the better off the city is.

  6. SCUM says:

    So The City takes away the 26 line and forces more people to drive. They create more parking spaces for those that drive to park, so the city can make more revenue. Now the are considering taking away said spots, politics as usual.

    • Olu says:

      There are so many things wrong with your comment I hardly know where to start.

      Every sentence except the last contains information that is demnonstrably untrue.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Well, the city did take away the 26 line, that much is true.

      • johnny0 says:

        As much as I loved that line, no one seemed very interested in riding it. (Not that the utterly unpredictable frequency helped any.)

      • one says:

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you were ever paying attention, there was plenty of ridership on the 26val – it just wasn’t ironic hipster ridership. Speaking of hipster, was there some kind of block on your iphone that prevented you from using nexbusdotDUH.

  7. BValencia says:

    Parklets are awesome. I live just next to Ritual and think it would be great here. The sidewalk is already crowded with dogs, bikes, strollers, and other assorted hanger outers. A parklet would give people more room to hang out, drink their coffee without blocking the sidewalk. We already have homeless people on the block too. If they want to stand at a bistro table rather than sitting on my stoop, fine with me. In my opinion, an extra parking spot does not outweigh the benefit of everyone being able to use extra public space as a awesome, well-designed parklet. We lack outdoor space here. It would be great to be able to go outside to read the paper in the sun or catch up with friends without having to squat on the sidewalk or go into a business.

  8. one says:

    btw, parklets are the solution to nimbys who don’t want new parks built anywhere near themselves.

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