Tree Crime Scene

A tree identified as Douglas Fir was found dead on 20th and Folsom this morning. Early reports indicate cause of death was dehydration after the victim was dismembered and forced to stand upright using an elaborate anchoring mechanism. Scarring on the limbs detail that the victim was bound with electrical wire and forced to wear weighted objects during this agonizing period of torture.

The perpetrators are still at large and their motive is still unknown.

[via calwong]

3 Responses to “Tree Crime Scene”

  1. Ivana Dohla says:

    The trees in front of my tenement received the same chalk outline last Friday night.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    There was one of these on 15th and Dolores as well.

  3. yellowcherry says:

    Ah, I saw whomever drew this outline around the tree as we were coming out of the restaurant! We looked at you and wondered what you were doing.