Jello Biafra’s High School Buddy Wants to Hang

Hey Jello, Guy Sharpless from Boulder would like to say hi!

[link] [via Appendages of Cool]

8 Responses to “Jello Biafra’s High School Buddy Wants to Hang”

  1. HiLo says:

    Actually, my therapist’s husband is in his current band. I’ll pass the message along.

  2. JJ says:

    He lives on Cumberland, in the house with the lookout tower. Go knock on his door.

  3. AttF says:

    go to any live show in SF and you’re bound to run into him.

  4. Kyle Madison says:

    I’ve spent 8 years in this city and haven’t run into him once. It makes me sad.

  5. ??? says:

    He’s a regular at Hyde Street Studios. Go talk to the interns there.