Emily Anne Reed: Mission Contestant On American Idol Tonight

Hey I know you don’t have a TV anymore, but you should find one to use tonight, because we got a homegirl competing on American Idol this evening.

Emily Anne Reed is a local jazz, country, and blues singer who performs regularly at places like Amnesia, the Rite Spot, and Revolution Cafe. If the scene above looks familiar, it’s because it took place at the Mission apartment building on 16th that burned down on August 14th. She lived there. Will this be exploited by the producers and paired with solemn solo piano music for full dramatic effect? Maaaybe.

Here’s the promo spot. Tune in tonight to cheer her on:


Here’s her audition from last night.

Here’s her


Fire Fire Fire

8 Responses to “Emily Anne Reed: Mission Contestant On American Idol Tonight”

  1. Seagullsteve says:

    OMG! I interviewed Emily a couple years ago to be a potential roommate of ours….we picked someone else. It was a big mistake. Hope you did ok on Idol Em!

  2. SimonSays says:

    Way to go Emily! You went to Hollywood!

  3. Emily Anne is the real deal when it comes to that musical style. You can’t fake that. You either have that particular “it” or you don’t. She’s got it. She probably doesn’t have a chance to even make it to the final 10 or 12 or whatever. But if she cuts an album I’ll be in line to buy it.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow, She’s really good!

  5. Religion is cancer says:

    Rooting for her! Seems real sweet -n- cool.

    I dont watch tv nut I’ll be thinking about her

  6. benjamin says:

    OMG, she sucks ass.

  7. allen says:

    Wow, this girl totally used to freeload on my couch and do tons of drugs till we kicked her out. This is great to see her on a television program. Especially one that puts her at former flygirl, Jay-Lo’s social mercy.