‘Wise Sons’ Pop-Up Jewish Deli Every Saturday

Evan wrote in to tell us about his new business, Wise Sons Jewish Deli:

My business partner Leo and I had been lamenting the lack of Jewish Deli in San Francisco and the Bay area for quite some time. Eventually, we took matters into our own hands and began to make pastrami in our backyard a few times. We soon realized that a home made, hand cut pastrami was pretty much one of god’s gifts to mankind and that we just might be crazy enough to open a deli in SF. Wise Sons’ vision is to make as much as possible from scratch and get the rest from small local artisans and distributors. We will bring deli food into the new era of local, sustainable, and delicious.

We are currently working out of La Cocina and serving out of Jackie’s Cafe, 105 Valencia @ McCoppin on Saturdays from 9-2. This will be our 5th week there and our second time doing sandwiches. Dianna, our slicer, has experience slicing meats and is the only female slicer in the country. She’ll make you a mean pastrami on our house made rye bread. We’ll also have other options including our debut of Matzo Ball Soup, homemade bialys with lox (we have a vegan bialy sandwich as well) , a corned beef hash breakfast sandwich, chocolate babka and a vegeterian reuben.

Only female slicer in the country! Vegetarian reuben! Let’s go!

Full menu after the jump:

Fresh Squeezed Blood Orange Juice   3.5

Ollie’s Bialy and Lox Cream Cheese 6
Our own bialy with lox cream cheese, red onion, & capers. Served with vinegar pickles.
Vegetarian with chive cream cheese   5

Semitic Breakfast Sandwich 7
Corned beef scramble on house made rye toast, horseradish sauce, and arugula Vegetarian Available

Pickle Plate 3/ 5

Carrots, cucumbers, red onions, beets, dill pickles, and sauerkraut

Shmaltz Toast 4

Rye toast with shmaltz, watermelon radish, & sea salt

Matzo Ball Soup 6/ 8

Probably not as good as your grandmothers. Served with bialy chips.

Chocolate Babka 3.5

Filled with bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon ganache

Available After 11…

Pastrami   or  Corned Beef 12
on house made double baked rye with choice of potato salad or coleslaw and garlic-dill pickles
Reuben  14
Cold swiss and coleslaw  14

Vegetarian Reuben 10

Smoked shitake mushrooms

20 Responses to “‘Wise Sons’ Pop-Up Jewish Deli Every Saturday”

  1. SCUM says:

    First the Mexicans, then the hipsters, now the Jews. Can’t wait to try a sandwich.

  2. The folks at Millers East Coast West Deli might quibble with the description of SF as having zero Jewish delis, but I’m pretty stoked to try this regardless.

  3. J-Lub says:

    Shomer Shabbos!

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    What happened to Moishe’s Pippic, did it close? I haven’t been there in a decade, but I remember it being pretty tasty.

    • Vic Wong says:

      Moishe’s Pippic is still alive and tasty on Hayes St. Thanks for planting the seed, now I’ll probably have to eat there today.

  5. Todd Berman says:

    These menches make some awesome food.

    Their rye bread is to-die-for.

    It’s all superb – Miller’s is okay, these guys step the game up a notch.

  6. olu says:

    Please be true.

  7. Sarah says:

    Why on Shabbat??? Do it on Sunday!

  8. adriane says:

    Thank God! How about gefilte fish? Cant wait to try this place.Are you on FB?

  9. Just Sayin' says:

    I wanted to make a joke about how you wouldn’t see too many Jews buying a $14 sandwich, then I realized you’d have to be insane or rich to buy a $14 sandwich anyway.

  10. T.C. says:

    Only female slicer in the country???

    Don’t believe the hype.

  11. GG says:

    Pffft, I tried to go there today and the line was out the door! They need to serve on more days, methinks.

  12. Kyle Madison says:

    Vinegar pickles? Are you kidding me? Fuck these guys.

  13. Barbara says:

    FYI: On only Wednesday’s, Memphis Minnie’s in the Haight serves house-made pastrami, and it is yummy. Not quite NY deli, but yummy nonetheless.