An ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ better than Prince’s?

Yep. And by this dopey Italian duo no less:

Prepare to be rocked:

The only thing that would make this song better is if I was wearing the nasty shirt while listening to it.

What’s more, it was popularized by possibly THE MOST INSANE TUMBLR I HAVE EVER SEEN. Get lost in that for a few hours why dontcha?

P.S. And just to make absolutely sure, here’s the Prince song, which is great, but, frankly, pales in comparison:

(Thanks, Podboy!)

4 Responses to “An ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’ better than Prince’s?”

  1. Pedro says:

    It’s too bad it’s one of the only “good” la bionda tracks. Great song though.

  2. Pod Boyson says:

    hey, Prince, did you ever think that somewhere out there on the other side of the galaxy there might be someone else wanting to be your lover too?

    Would you get on the spaceship or throw a hissy fit of clonic despair?

  3. Matthew says:

    Annie did a good deal to hype this track a few years back as well on her DJ Kicks comp. Such amazing use of hand claps!

  4. Rebecca says:

    This song is the best.

    Twin Sister cover here: