Bucket seats

While certainly not amongst the strangest things we’ve ever seen u-locked to a pole* in the neighborhood, it’s definitely one of the most useful.  If there ever were a city that wanted to go completely car-free, these would have to figure prominently into the design.  Would that work?

*Meat BBQCart/segway/wheelchairCart/rolling basketMug about Ariel’s girlfriendTireConstruction thing dressed up in corduroy.

2 Responses to “Bucket seats”

  1. Brad Gee says:

    These things, or a slight variation of the one shown in the photo, are HUGE in Copenhagen. They refer to them as “Christiania Bikes,” named after the freetown in the center of the city.


  2. Steve says:

    I’m pretty sure this one belongs to the flower guy that is often in front of La Victoria on 24th.