‘Secret’ Thao and Mirah show at Viracocha RIGHT NOW

The Bay Bridged this week published a big report about how cool Thao and Mirah’s new recordings are (see video above) and how cool their tour is going to be.

What they failed to mention is that RIGHT NOW they’re kicking off said tour with an unannounced (I guess that’s why they didn’t announce it, huh) show at Valencia Street vintage typewriter purveyor Viracocha. Omw!

4 Responses to “‘Secret’ Thao and Mirah show at Viracocha RIGHT NOW”

  1. that list says:

    This sounds like stereotypical San Fra BLEEEGHGEHGEHHHDGG!! Goddammit! A few of those notes made me regurgitate my burrito! Must have been all that sour cream…

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    Nice vibes Yom Tov!

  3. pmr says:

    Mirah played a sceret show two weeks ago there, heres a link to some coverage

  4. speedvomit says:

    that recording of love is a battlefeild is flawless.