I like to stay home

I like to stay home too, but I’m probably going to go to California’s scenic Central Valley on Saturday to see R. Stevie Moore headline Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XI. It’s an all-day rock festival organized by a free-form college radio station, and it takes place in the sunny, grassy backyard of a real live Roadhouse-style roadhouse. The burgers are great, the veggie burgers are great, the beer is cheap, and the rest of the lineup looks fun too:

R. Stevie Moore (Tennessee)
Zach Hill (Sacramento)
Appetite (Sacramento)
NOBUNNY (Oakland)
Ellie Fortune (Sacramento)
Charles Albright (Sacramento)
The Rain in Endless Fall (Santa Cruz)
Moonpearl (Irvine)
Alak (Placerville)
Kites Sail High (SF)
Produce Produce (Davis)
UC Davis Samba School

The Bay Bridged has a few more details here. Who’s in?

6 Responses to “I like to stay home”

  1. Amy says:

    I would totally go to this if I could.

  2. Ryan says:

    I want to go, but have no ride and want to get back for the show at Public Works that night.

  3. Corpus Nerd says:

    Every psych-rock wanna-be in SF just jizzed their jeans after watching that vintage R. Stevie Moore video…

  4. Xmission says:

    That’s RSM on the Uncle Floyd Show, New Jersey’s finest UHF program ever.