Get to know your local bike messenger

Deal With It today published an interview with Storts, our favorite messenger. Here’s an excerpt:

What’s the craziest think you have seen while at work?

Craziest thing at work would probably be the time I saw a bummy fight, and one of the dudes was tossed into on coming traffic and got hit by a car. Smashed the cars front window, but just got up and continued to fight with what I’m sure was a broken everything! Man that PCP is one powerful drug!

What are your top 5 cities for riding and why?

Cities I love to ride in would be SAN FRANCISCO, Portland, L.A ., Hawaii, and OHH anywhere in Japan! But I’m going to europe for the CMWC’s (Cycle Messenger World Championships) so there might be another one we gotta add, but I’ll let you know how it goes when/if i come back.

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[Photo by juicyrai]

4 Responses to “Get to know your local bike messenger”

  1. Jeff says:

    the craziest think at work was a thought(SIC-Mission mission)…this guy’s so full of shit

    there’s no such thing as a ‘bummy fight’. The youngster is just repeating shit he’s heard from the real messengers that’s carried on from 10 years ago…sheesh

    Bummy was a fucking doll made up by the past president of the San francisco Bike Messenger Association, Damon Votour, 10 years ago

    you want a real San Francisco messenger?…talk to these guys >

    every one of those guys have ridden probably a million more miles than this guy has

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you for your invalid opinion you burn out. I guess you think your street status is still cool but i wasn’t referring to a child’s doll. Instead i was talking about SF HOMELESS aka BUMBS fighting over god knows what. Im glad you read the posting because it bumped up the hit count on my friends page.. thank you for your contribution.

    Roger is the man though!

  3. food delivery boys are messengers? since when? they’d laugh your ass outta the city if you said that shit in nyc

  4. juststella says:

    I heart Steve! and Roger too for that matter. My mom had a few sf bike messenger friends when i was growing up (in the late 80′s and early 90′s long before those 2002 *bummy* picture were taken) and i’m pretty sure they would have approved of Steve cause he is quick as fuck.