I triple dog dare you

Spotted at 24th and Bartlett. Ironically, someone had just asked me for spare change.

12 Responses to “I triple dog dare you”

  1. wat says:

    try giving someone who asks you for spare change a penny, or even the number of pennies shown in the photo. stinkeye guaranteed to follow.

    • timbo says:

      Once, in Mexico City, a man asked me for change. Although I’m rarely one to indulge such requests, I handed him the only coin in my pocket. Worth 5/100 of a peso, my American brain interpreted it as a nickel. The recipient threw it on the ground and spit in my direction.

  2. Speakin’ of triple dog dares, I challenge any o’ you bozos to offer the “Nickle and a smile will last a long while” guy near Union Square an actual nickle. The last time I heard of it happening, the police got involved.

  3. Glenparker says:

    I’d pull out any pre ’82′s as they are worth 2.7 cents each.

  4. Jerk face says:

    I like to put things I don’t want on the street, like old clothes & bookshelves & stuff, with the sign “may or may not contain scabies”. Perfectly true, since they don’t, but kind of a kick in the face for someone who wanted that free bookshelf.

  5. JennieB! says:

    UPDATE: We saw the picture above at 10:30 or so on the way to the Summit – then on my way home at around 3:30ish today – this is how the situation had developed…


    <3 the Mission!

  6. Mai says:

    The pennies have multiplied in the follow-up photo! (Also, there is now a nose on the squid. Looks better sans nose.)

  7. milkshake lover says:

    I would take all the pennies. My piggy bank does not discrimate, and those suckers add up.