Bicycle rack etiquette

Am I overreacting here or is this a legitimate complaint? Keep in mind this has been going on for months, and I assumed he would eventually figure it out, but the lack of adaptation compelled me to do some playful prodding.

See it bigger here.

32 Responses to “Bicycle rack etiquette”

  1. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    It would be easier to say if there were a picture.

    • fixed, but you people really need to stop using firefox. seriously.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Uh… Why would we stop using Firefox?

      • D. Jon Moutarde says:

        Oh, no, you’re not catching me with that one again! First it was, “Don’t be a lamer, get rid of that stinky old IE and use Firefox.” So now I’m a lamer for using Firefox? Uh-uh, don’t think so!

        Besides, I have Opera reserved for porn.

  2. boba fett says:

    I’m too distracted by the terrible penmanship. Also, you misspelled douchey. douchy

  3. He parks his Beamer a foot over the line to the left so no one opens the door on it, too.

  4. Adam says:

    … Turn it.

  5. el jeffe says:

    It’s a poorly designed bike rack. What do you expect?

  6. one time says:

    You spelled douchey wrong but otherwise good on you

  7. jon says:

    That’s why I follow Mission Mission when I’m over 40, so I can stay up to date with hipster lingo like douchy (even I know how to spell it)

  8. sat heezy says:

    i used to work at a place where a guy parked like this every day. after about a week of it, somebody (not me) started letting the air out of his tires on a regular basis. if it was my bike it would’ve really pissed me off, but, poetic justice i guess.

  9. Tuffy says:

    Maybe he was the first person to lock up and everyone after him decided to just be contrary.

  10. Kate says:

    Don’t you think wrapping Sideways Bike in foil every day would get the point across more clearly?

  11. david says:

    Why do people assume the person who owns the sideways bike is a dude? Girls can suck at life, too.

    But anyway…yeah the best thing is to leave a note, not do some lame shit like let the air out of their tires or put foil on their bike.

    And I like how you say “you’re better than that” without knowing them. It’s possible they’re actually worse. Way worse.

  12. Henri! says:

    If the note doesn’t work lock your bike to his bike and the rack.

  13. thanks says:

    leaving this person a note isn’t douchy. leaving this person THAT note however, kind of is.

  14. no.thanks. says:

    good ol’ first world problems to keep you up at night!

  15. GG says:

    Calling him a douche was kind of douchey, sorry. You could have accomplished the same purpose with a simple note that said something like, “Can you please park your bike parallel to the other bikes to maximize the rack space? Your fellow riders will thank you.”

    Then again, maybe I’ve just had too much experience trying to play nice with my wackjob neighbor.

  16. Quin2013 says:

    Can some one just pick the bike up and re-position it?

    Kind of like walking over a guy on the sidewalk.