Make-Out Room installs creepy spy cam so creeps can spy on you while you’re drinking and dancing

Other area bars are participating too, but Make-Out seems to be the only one on the list that affects me, so…

East Bay Express has the scoop:

Founded by a handful of Sonoma County entrepreneurs, the app, BarSpace, and its related web site,, employ a simple concept: Install cameras in bars and nightclubs and then streams that video live through a free iPhone app, as well as through the company’s website. The cameras are installed and paid for by BarSpace; each bar decided the hours between which they’d like to transmit a video stream.

The idea, according to the company’s CEO, Mike Deignan, is that people can use the app to see whether bars are full or empty — or even whether their favorite bartender is working that night or what the dress code is. Essentially, BarSpace makes it possible to find out what you’re getting into, in real time and straight from the source — to gauge a bar’s atmosphere against your own expectations and inclinations, without ever leaving your home (or, in some cases, paying a cover). [link]

Noble intentions, I suppose. Still. I don’t know about this. I like to really cut loose at Lost & Found (AKA Slow Jams) every Tuesday and DJ Purple’s Karaoke Dance Party every fourth Monday. But I don’t like the idea of there being possibly compromising images of me on the internet.

UPDATE: Our pal Plumpy says, “The whole list is here if you search for San Francisco.”

[via We Built This City]

10 Responses to “Make-Out Room installs creepy spy cam so creeps can spy on you while you’re drinking and dancing”

  1. plumpy says:

    That’s actually not the whole list. The whole list is here if you search for San Francisco:

    The only other Mission bars they’re in:
    The Mint
    Pisco Latin Lounge

    (Are those last two Mission? Duboce Triangle, maybe?)

    It also said Ace’s Bar, which I thought meant the now-defunct Ace Cafe, and which would have really surprised me, but apparently there’s some other Ace’s Bar in the TL?

  2. Jack says:

    Sorry but this is a business plan that will link the “tag” options on social media sites in an automated way. They already have patents and programs that do it. I guess privacy was never meant to be in this new world. Or maybe wear sunglasses in bars from now on.

    • Jack says:

      Ugh. Don’t mean to reply to myself but… I will be having a beer at Blondie’s and someone will walk up to me and say “hey dude I know you secretly like McDonalds. Here’s a coupon. Oh and btw your Ex says Satan, Satan….”

  3. scum says:

    High tech stalking.

  4. It’s really decent of these guys to list all the places that are using this system, so you can avoid them if you are doing something (or someone) that you would not like to get back to you. But I’ve noticed that a lot of people in The Mission get dragged into unfamiliar bars by friends when they’re… shall we say, incapacitated? — so let’s be careful out there, people — as Hill Street Blues, or Allan Hough might say.

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