Tetris tournament tonight

If you think you have what it takes to win some of the raddest trophies ever concocted, stop by The Lab tonight at 8pm to test your skill against the rest of San Francisco’s premier stackers of blocks.  I know everyone in this city is very proficient at forming lines (whether it’s in front of Bi-rite or on a mirror), so expect the competition to be fierce.  Luckily, karaoke-style sign-ups, rad bands, and huge projected game screens guarantee a fun night even for those lacking in Tetris tenacity.

Check out all the details here and on the Facebook page!

2 Responses to “Tetris tournament tonight”

  1. The Tens says:

    I lost this by 300 points! Next year I won’t be drinking in Dolores Park all day before going over. Need to take home that trophy.

  2. Miller says:

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