Ty Segall hops off stage in Cleveland to kick some asshole’s ass

Our buddy Allie was there:

Last night I drove three hours to Cleveland to see San Francisco’s Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin at a venue called Beachland Tavern. I get there at about 8:45, and Human Eye are set to play at 9, but they’re not there yet. Around 9:45 Ty and Mikal take the stage, informing everyone that “we’re Toad, and this is only our second show!”. They play a bunch of covers. It’s unexpected and awesome that they play this extra set to compensate for Human Eye’s tardiness, but something during the set is less than awesome: four or five dudes, dancing way too aggressively. Now, I understand that it is a rock’n’roll show. I’ve been to a few before. But this is not your ordinary show dancing — these dudes are tearing each other apart and ramming REALLY HARD into everybody on the outskirts of the large circle that had parted in reaction to their rambunctious existence. They’re falling and writhing onstage and stealing the microphone to shout, “HAIL SATAN!”. Soon enough, Ty and Mikal are looking a little puzzled, and people are starting to get really irritated, myself included. This venue isn’t huge and these dudes are taking up a pretty significant portion of space in front of the stage. After Ty and Mikal finish their set, a few security guards plow through to warn the dudes, hey, cut it out!. Human Eye still isn’t there, so Mikal plays a set of his solo album. It’s the first time I’ve seen him perform this set and it’s HEAVENLY. The dudes are back, though, and aggressive as ever. It’s becoming increasingly clear to Mikal and everyone in the crowd that these guys are far less concerned with having a good time and far more concerned with injuring bystanders and being disruptive for no apparent reason. They continue stealing the mic, screaming “HAIL SATAN, 666!”, writhing around onstage, and pushing each other and other people around extremely violently through the set. As Mikal’s set is coming to a close, he looks disenfranchised. Finally, he has had enough of the quarreling and jumps into the crowd to break up the fighting. Seeing Mikal taking action, the usually polite, mild-mannered Ty leaps from his place behind the stage and plunges into the fight.

Read on for the dramatic conclusion including Ty’s epic explanation.

Here’s what Ty’s live set is looking like these days btw, from last Thursday in NYC:

Above screenshot is from Ty’s brand-new music video.

17 Responses to “Ty Segall hops off stage in Cleveland to kick some asshole’s ass”

  1. tacotron says:

    Ty is the nicest guy! I met him at the phone booth once or twice, humble as can be. Only some serious douchebagery would invoke his wrath haha

  2. Juanpablo says:

    Such a shredder.

    Looks like he’s got the Dwyer cut going on these days.

  3. Elisha says:

    That show was so much fun. Thanks for posting.

  4. Jose Arcadio Buendia says:

    “As Mikal’s set is coming to a close, he looks disenfranchised.”

    He had the look of someone who had been deprived his right to vote?

    • LMCS says:

      Disenfranchised in the sense of, he had his power taken away. He was playing, it should have been HIS moment, but people were paying attention to the action in the crowd. So yes, disenfranchised.

  5. SFitall says:

    I’ve seen Ty a few dozen times and talk with him at other band’s shows or after his sets. I’d have to say he’s one of the nicest and well adjusted guy’s I’ve met doing music stuff. It’s weird to hear he was involved in a fight, hard for me to picture. Those “Hail, Satan 666″ dudes, had it coming from someone though. I’m not a fan of violence myself, but they were hurting other people and repeatedly F’ing up a great show for everyone else.

    Saw Mikal a month back in S.F. and his set was great. Human Eye are mind blowing by the way, see them if you can.

  6. Jay Cain says:

    I was at that show front and center. Those guys we pushing me and my friends along with the other people next to us into the stage. I got hit so hard I knocked over the mic while Toad was playing right in front of mikal croni. I was very frustrated with those douchebags the entire show they were just pushing people around and crawling on the floor and such. I understand that your supposed to have fun at shows and stuff but crawling around and going up on stage and yelling shit into the mic ruins everything for the rest of us. I figuered that the performers were getting upset with them especially when mikal cronin jumped of the stage to try to stop them, but they still kept doing it. Then after mikal’s set Ty ran off the stage into those guys to try to stop them and it was all happening right next to me. Im not a violent person at all but when I saw one of those dudes jump on Ty and started hitting him I had to step in. So I grabbed him by his head and tried to get him off, bu ended up getting punched in the face in the process. Eventually I think the police came and broke up the fight and kicked those guys out. Then the show continued. Overall this was my favorite show all of the bands were awesome.

  7. Dope lord says:

    that faggot got his ass whooped and his set blew hailsatan666

  8. Mangled Boner says:

    I watched ty segall get his ass kicked get your story right you don’t have to change the entire story because hes in a band.I saw everyone dancing an having a great time an ya you’ll get bumped into every now an then but no one was trying to hurt anyone.Ty segall your shows would be more fun if you put some effort into not being such a PUSSY.

  9. Who’s Ty Segall? Is he someone famous?!

  10. Mangled Boner says:

    if being a pussy is considered famous then ya hes famous

  11. Semem Sucking Savage says:

    Ty segall is a pussy. Those guys were havin fun and the rest of you are just pussies who get bumped into a couple times and make it sound like you were gettin beat up. I will shit all over and throw it in your segall semem filled mouths. Everybody was goin crazy when Faggot, i mean Segall went on and no one had a problem with it. Those dudes were just showin that they liked a band that they never even heard before. Jay Cain you were that fat stupid flannel scene stinky pussy smellin bitch with your head up Segalls ass.

    • Get Fucked says:

      shut up you fat fucking piece of shit. you are a horrible excuse for a human, you immature piece of shit

    • Jay Cain says:

      Haaha yes haha

      • gnarly poonheart says:

        comment sections are probably the worst thing about being alive in the age of information, internet and shit, you know

        all the wack livejournal-y tumblrs where chicks with body image issues post pictures of the olsen twins and talk about purging, all the 4chan-y grossout 1-upping, all the terrible indie rock blogs, i mean its all pretty bleak but at least those people had to put time and effort into it but like

        man theres just no easier platform to be shitty to a mass audience that will probably also be shitty and get riled and perpetuate the cycle on than on comments sections

        really makes u think

  12. Semem Sucking Savage says:

    And Segall got his asshole kicked. Opposed to what the title says. Dealt With. 666!!!!