Shooting near 16th and Mission leaves three wounded

Mission Local was on the scene:

Three men were shot just before 11 p.m. on Friday night, following a brief shouting match at 16th and Mission streets. All three victims were transported by ambulance to the hospital, and two, ages 24 and 42, have life-threatening injuries.The third man, 34, is in better condition.

Police have no suspects in custody and no known suspect information yet.

Josh Gonia, who watched the scene from outside El Capitan Hotel on Mission Street, saw the confrontation build up to the round of gunshots.

According to Gonia, two men were outside of the McDonald’s on Mission Street, yelling at another two men across the street at the bus stop. One man ran after another with a baseball bat.

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9 Responses to “Shooting near 16th and Mission leaves three wounded”

  1. AttF says:

    I missed this one by a few minutes. Saw the two guys yelling at each other across Mission and thought it was typical chest thumping. Jumped on the 22, bus goes out of service at Bryant, no buses or cabs come after, walk back to 16th and Mission to find the whole corner covered in police tape and cops blocking 16th between Valencia and Mission.

    • scum says:

      Was it black on black?

      • AttF says:

        Not that it matters, but yeah. Dude with the baseball bat was with another guy on the McD’s side of Mission and was yelling at a guy in front of the 14/33/49 bus stop on the BART side. Typical trash talking..”you bring it, no you bring it, come on”. Dude on BART side had his fists up. When I got on the bus, it seemed to have simmered down and both groups were walking south down Mission on either side of the street. I guess it heated back up after I left.

        • scum says:

          I iive around the corner and lots or dudes come over from Oakland to pimp and sell drugs, that’s wy I asked.

          • EH says:

            Nevius, is that you?

          • abg says:

            You’re right dudes from Oakland come to SF and do that (just like dudes from SF go to Oakland and do it), but are you saying that just because they were black you think they’re from Oakland? Here’s a fact you may not know: The Bernal Dwellings Projects(between cesar chavez/army/folsom/harrison/26th), and the Valencia gardens projects on 15th and valencia/guerrero both have significant populations of poor black dudes, many of whom sell drugs, pimp, hustle, etc. It’s been that way for decades. Not to mention there are poor black neighborhoods in other parts of SF that also produce lots of dudes who like to shoot each other.

  2. EH says:

    Another success for the Darwin Patrol!

  3. JP says:

    It seems unnecessarily risky to publish the name of an eye witness for this story.

    • batman says:

      batman agress, publishing a name with such a high profile shooting will make this person a target, and if its a mission local, the nest shooting victim..