Pedal car

At first this looked like one of those tourist go-carts that takes you on a self-directed tour throughout the city (Anyone ever been on one of those by the way?  What are they like?), but closer inspection revealed that this pair was actually pedaling their craft down the street, as if they had appropriated one of the Stow Lake paddle boats for concrete usage.

Speaking of Stow Lake paddle boats, anyone ever been on one of those before?  What are they like?

8 Responses to “Pedal car”

  1. NIgel Mansell says:

    Have they not heard of the shortcomings of a three-wheeled design?

  2. scum says:

    The Stow Lake boats are fun. Bring some food and drink and make it a date.

    • It’s true — they are! And you can poke at things in the water that you could only gaze at longingly if you resisted the call of the pedal boat.

      Not sold on the pedal car, though. The two wheels should be in the front, for stability in cornering, and a single, fat tire should be in the back.

  3. Jeff says:

    I got engaged on a stow lake paddle boat. They are fun. Bring a ring.

  4. Mikey says:

    any one know of any websites reguarding the pedal car, I have one and want to restore it and any info would be great, thanks