Excuse me, sir, do you need to see my ID?


[via @saranoh]

10 Responses to “Excuse me, sir, do you need to see my ID?”

  1. no.thanks. says:

    been there a couple of times.

    you crackas are fucking up the game.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    Never had the balls to do it, but I’ve often wanted to sit outside a bar with a flashlight and pretend to be a bouncer.

  3. Bob Dole says:

    hipster scum.

  4. EF Hutton says:

    Sounds like Sierra was trying to get into a club

  5. yourmum says:

    yeah, your young cracker moped riding, sweet dog walking, OMG over using, would not know what its like to be in that man’s shoes. get your id and swipe it where the sun don’t shine. stupid ass