Walker locked to a tree


We’ve noticed all sorts of interesting and eclectic things locked to poles, parking meters, construction equipment, or whatever immobile objects happen to be convenient; so it should come as no surprise that we eventually come across something like this.

To be clear, I’m not making fun of this at all. Just the opposite, in fact, as I think this is rather bad ass! I mean, when I’m old and decrepit and can’t walk around on my own any longer, I’m definitely going to lock one of these babies outside my door so I can still at least attempt to get a slice of pizza down the street without any help.

2 Responses to “Walker locked to a tree”

  1. scum says:

    Is the tree locked to the block?

    • i think the block’s locked to the tree to prevent mischief. there’s also this awesome electric “slide” on the staircase (behind the tree from this view) to help the dude get down the front stairs!