Alleged 24th Street Mission rapist apprehended by police

Let’s hope they really got him.  Mission Local has the news:

Police said they arrested the suspect at 4:30 p.m. Friday at the Bernal Dwellings after receiving a tip from a resident. It’s unclear at this time whether the suspect lived there but police said that he resides in the Mission District.

Read the full SFPD press release after the jump.

    On January 6, 2012, at 4:30 PM, San Francisco Police arrested a 32 year-old male San Francisco resident in connection with three sexual assaults which occurred in San Francisco’s Mission District. He was taken into custody at Cesar Chavez and Treat Street by members of the Special Victims Unit and Mission Police Station.

    During the first incident, which occurred on June 17, 2011, the female victim had been walking on South Van Ness between 24th and 25th Street when she was approached from behind by the suspect and bear hugged prior to being thrown to the ground. The victim was then dragged approximately 60 feet to an area between a vehicle and a residence where she was sexually assaulted and robbed of her property.

    In the second incident which occurred on November 18, 2011, the female victim was also violently attacked from behind along the Mission District 24th Street corridor where she was sexually assaulted and robbed.

    The third incident occurred on December 8, 2011 in the vicinity of 24th Street and Fair Oaks. In this incident, the female victim was sexually assaulted and robbed.

    With the assistance of a tip from a citizen on the anonymous tip line, investigators from the Special Victims Unit were able to identify a person of interest. This person of interest was later connected to physical evidence located at the scene of the incidents.

    The suspect was charged with numerous counts of sexual assault, kidnapping and robbery related to the three incidents.

    The suspect’s name will be released at a later time due to pending identification matters.




    63 Responses to “Alleged 24th Street Mission rapist apprehended by police”

    1. Bob Dole says:

      so therapist has been caught?

    2. scum says:

      Best news I’ve heard in awihle.

    3. Quin2013 says:

      I hope this is the right guy. I’m hoping this doesn’t turn out to be a “Summer Of Sam” kinda thing.

    4. Matthew says:

      I hope the suspect gets a fair trial and, if convicted, gets a tough but fair and humane sentence.

    5. Rhiannon says:

      Considering I was being real careful crossing 24 th and the suspected guy lives on my block, lets be REAL hopeful.

    6. ahsah says:

      i was hoping for some more vigilante style justice…Let’s hope everybody finds out what he’s in for on his first day in prison.

      • jessica valenti says:

        Don’t drop the soap, LOL!

        Actually they should just skip the trial part and castrate him immediately. If he isn’t the actual rapist, that will still get another potential rapist off the street. He obviously did something to get suspected and you know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

        • Travis says:

          1. Prison rape is not funny. Rape is never funny! No lols!
          2. Punishment based on acusations without proof? Are you a nazi?
          3. If he is guilty, I am sure he will be punished appropriately. He does’t seem to be rich or white.

        • Snackpacket says:

          Jessica, wow. I’d be happier if we could stick with innocent until proven guilty, frankly. Using the argument that “He obviously did something to get suspected” would suggests that everyone in a lineup should be…castrated pre-emptively? This is sounding an awful lot like sharia law. Let’s go ahead and stone people to death if we suspect them of theft or adultery, while we’re at it.

        • kusfwtf says:

          I passed the fuck out once with a pizza in the broiler (hella LOL’s right?) and when I woke up my apartment was consumed with tasty smelling pizza smoke. There was indeed no fire, just a shit ton of smoke from my blackened pizza. Here’s to your future career in law enforcement/”catching bad guys”!

          • jessica valenti says:

            in the oven of rape, oven mitts don’t stop women from getting burned. We need to put this fire out with the rape chefs’ own knives. Castrate all accused rapists! Also, vigilante prison justice = LOL.

            • Travis says:

              Vigilante prison justice = perpetuating rape based culture. This is a difficult forum.

            • jessica valenti says:

              That’s not the same thing. If it happens to a rapist in prison it’s because he got himself put in there. You obviously care more about the guilty rapist than the innocent rape victims.

            • kusfwtf says:

              Wait, so is rape the oven or the chef? Please let me know ASAP so I can get back to LOLing.

        • rod says:

          “He obviously did something to get suspected” sounds an awful lot like “She was asking to be raped” . . . these kinds of statements both confuse and frighten me.

    7. rod says:

      the police caught a guy. might not be ‘the’ guy. even if it’s the guy, he might not get convicted. even if he gets convicted, there might be other guys. stay vigilant people, if you’re gonna walk around alone at night carry spray so you can dispense justice UC Davis style.

    8. Richard Strapone says:

      Man, comment boards never fail for entertainment. Of course there will be ridiculous arguemnts on an article about someone being arrested for rape. Of course the “nazi” accusation will be dropped. You guys are the best.

    9. tisdell says:

      The black community needs to address what they have on their hands – the epidemic of a generation of violent black men and violent black crime.

      • Ariel Dovas says:

        No. We all need to address a culture that affects people differently based on things such as skin color and ability.

      • Think_For_Me says:

        That’s right, the black community needs to address up that it has produced some of the most prolific killers in history: Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Richard Rodriquez, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Ryan Alexander Jenkins, Aileen Carol Wuornos, Richard Allen Davis, Ross Truett Ashley. Seriously, an epidemic.

        Tisdell, this isn’t a ‘black community’ issue. Rape of a female is an issue which needs to be addressed and made intolerable by men in the community first and foremost.

    10. Eddie Lewis says:

      Some of you on here are so racist you mite as well put a white sheet over you and start burning crosses lol that

    11. batman says:

      batman feels odd that he has not said anything in a while…so hmmmm

      batman out.

    12. Ockysays says:

      Wow I can’t believe I just read someone complaining about perpetuating rape culture while at the same time making prison rape jokes. It’s like that black white supremacist in that Chappelle skit

    13. You folks are devoting way too much attention to obvious trolls. And, by that, I do not mean amusing trolls. C’mon, guys!

    14. Me says:

      How come nobody is tripping out on his fb page?

    15. damian says:

      when he gets to the prison system;he will (most likely) be put into protective custody(corcoran-shu/p.c.)with all the molesters;rapeos live a sordid life with nothing but a bunch of low lifes for “comrades”/they do that automatically;too many of those types get “whacked” (and killed)on the prison yards;and it opens the state up to expensive lawsuits/no self respecting blacks in prison would want that turd as a cellie on a”good yard”-they would whack him themselves–then of course the next big melee between blacks and whites;the whites would make him one of their first targets on a “rush”

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