This is the alleged Mission rapist

His name is Frederick A. Dozier, age 32.

[via Mission Local]

87 Responses to “This is the alleged Mission rapist”

  1. House says:

    Indefinitely detain

    • jessica valenti says:

      castrate all accused rapists and sexual harassers

      • err says:

        *convicted*, my dear, is I think what you meant to say.

        • GG says:

          If we can indefinitely detain accused terrorists, I guess we can castrate accused rapists. Constitution, schmonstitution.

        • dvtdl? says:

          hey “err”, don’t stress too hard– jessica valenti is a troll account. just trying to get a rise…

        • moderniste says:

          He was all over the news this morning. He does work for SFUSD as a food service worker, and he confessed during interrogation + DNA evidence–this is the dude.

          All the months’ previous comments that people have been making about his blackness–that they are uncomfortable bcuz he fits so many unfortunate stereotypes–have really made me think. I mean, just bcuz he DID fit so many stereotypes of the Black Boogeyman made so many commentors jump to his defense before they knew the facts. The police work was solid from the beginning–they caught exactly the guy who was described, and racism had naught to do with it.

          • jessica valenti says:

            Right on sister! Rapists = mouth breathing dumb drool faces. Makes you wonder why it’s always a black guy. STFU rape apologists yelling about “due process”!

          • rod says:

            no one is defending a rapist, some people are just less than comfortable with this whole pitchfork-in-hand, lynch-first-ask-questions-later attitude. hopefully the cops have found their man, but that doesn’t justify statements like ‘makes you wonder why it’s always a black guy’.

      • Greenland Whale Fisheries says:

        cannibalize all accused pirates and thieves

    • sfusd teacher says:

      I definitely don’t agree with the National Defense Authorization Act. But as a friend of one of the victims who had his disgusting DNA taken from her ravaged body, you make me sick.

    • sfusd teacher says:

      No, present the confession, the DNA and positive ID and put him away for life. It’s not fair to bring up the NDAA, which is a scary infringement of our rights. Be respectful of the victims.

  2. En-Chu Lao says:

    He has a befuddled expression, like: “Why da white folks aw’wayz picking’ on me?!”

  3. Lindsey says:

    unreal. +1 for DNA evidence.

  4. Siguanaba says:

    He looks like is mentally ill. A crazy criminal.

  5. 1 Less Car says:

    Context? What charges is he facing? Why was he arrested?

  6. hmmm....... well that's fucked up says:


    - Fred Dozier, Nov 22nd

  7. Trey Francisco says:

    I find it sad / ironic / interesting that (according to his Wall Posts), he plays the Facebook game “Crime City”…

  8. Universal says:

    Shocked. O_O

  9. Agent provocateur says:

    well, he definitely has the punctuation of a rapist.

  10. beast in the street says:

    He got what he wanted and we get what we want. Win – Win.

  11. Me says:

    poor guy has lost 6 facebook friends since i looked at it last night

  12. beast in the street says:

    This video on his mother’s Facebook page gives insight into motive?

    Who Is Sara Baartman? Every black woman should know her name

    • Me says:

      i think youre digging a bit too deep and just looking for anything now.

      • beast in the street says:

        Could be but this is kind of creepy?

        “…Tony Bradford, of The Sankofa! Project, believes in Loving Leadership, husbands love their wives into submission and respect. We are born Black Males by chance but we become Black Men by choice: Unfortunately our society crush the caterpillars then complain there are no butterflies: When Black parents are in the position to teach their kids, they don’t; The schools & our churches don’t want to teach on it, yet society expects want black males to be something they were never shown: How to become Black Men, Sankofa! When Black Men Love Black Women, they are really loving themselves, Sankofa! Coming November 2011 Don’t Fear The Blackness”…”

        • Wow says:

          The only aspect of that site that I could perhaps see you taking offense to is the notion of loving “their wives into submission and respect.” But how/why is that any more creepy than say, the bible which is even more direct in it’s call for women to be subservient? The mission statement of the site you linked calls for “renewing healthy marriages and restoring strong families,
          more knowledgeable parents and better educated children.” In fact, only a few sentences after the quote your chose to pull it states ”
          The Sankofa! Project firmly believes that the most revolutionary thing that a Black Man living in a racist society/hatefull world can do today is to Love. Love his God. Love himself and his brothas as he loves himself. And Love, Respect and Protect Black Womanhood.”

          I agree with ‘Me’ – you’re just stretching it at this point.

  13. Vicki says:

    Definitely life without parole…he’s extremely dangerous, and psychotic. I feel so better / relieved now the rapist is arrested. For weeks it was like a nightmare…didn’t dare walking alone on dark and empty streets….always looking over my shoulders to make sure no black guy is following me… it was insane.

  14. Me says:

    “always looking over my shoulders to make sure no BLACK guy is following me”


    would it have been ok if he was white? just wondering.

    • sara says:

      The description of the suspect was a black male, so I think Vicki’s point is that the at large rapist was black. If a man behind her were white, it wouldn’t be the suspect. Get it?

  15. Me says:

    i dont mean if the rapist was white, i mean if i white guy had been following you

  16. beast in the street says:

    Hey “Me” just so you know, a description and a video of the suspect has been public for weeks.

  17. beast in the street says:

    None of his Facebook friends recognized him in the video apparently?

  18. beast in the street says:

    oh wait you can’t really see him in the video.

  19. tc says:

    You can also look here and see mugshots of people on any street that are registered sex offenders. I’m surprised to see how many live close to schools.

  20. GG says:

    I don’t really care, I just used to be a journalist so I notice these sorts of things :)

  21. damian says:

    for those who are still stumping for the alleged rapist(might not be guilty;only cause hes black;all that–we all see who they are on these pages–there IS d.n.a.evidence linking him to these crimes(or crime)that alone is “probable cause” to hold him for trial;and develop the rest of the case-and that ALONE can be pretty i dont think a whole lot of people are “jumping to conclusions”just because hes black..its not the color–its the crime-in prison on the high security yards;the first thing a prisoner has to do is :”show paperwork”-the charges hes in for-that is inviolable with most races in the joint–with whites and southsiders anyone of their race showing up on the yard without paperwork;(and not producing some REAL QUICK)gets a vicious stabbing;no matter how big or tough they look-happens all the time-thats so no one “sneaks in” and says hes in for something else;they affix an “r” suffix to a prisoners number automatically when they are doing time for sexual assault cases of any type

    • jessica valenti says:

      Why do they leave it until the prison yard for real punishment? How come murderers are more worried about giving real punishment to rapists than judges are? It’s because the judges are all sexist with that “due process” stuff. Castration and capital punishment for all accused rapists!

  22. Me says:

    fyi…. rumor mill says he worked at james lick middle school

  23. Onething says:

    Pot scrubber. Didn’t work with the kids. My daughter never saw him, thank God.

  24. Josh says:

    He was the cafeteria guy in my school. I saw him occasionally at the register. Once I talked to him. I never knew he was a rapist.

  25. Josh says:

    At James lick middle

  26. damian says:

    (now that things are over..i was wondering..)what did she mean when she said murderers are more interested in giving punishment to rapists than judges?what murderers?..didnt understand who she may be referring to?…(just big thing..really(?)

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