Cold beer, cold bicycle

Everyone’s favorite hero of the park is now more mobile than ever thanks to this sweet new ride he was recently seen rocking at the park (rad colors!).  This can only mean more cold, convenient beer for everyone, for which we are grateful.  One word of advice though, sir–you could definitely cut down on trips if you affixed a basket to that thing!

Just look at him scanning the horizon.  Wherever there are thirsty people, cold beer will be there.

(Thanks Elliot!)


2 Responses to “Cold beer, cold bicycle”

  1. thbbbpppt says:

    A few weeks back someone next to asked CBCW “How much money do you rake in selling beers?” and he said “A decent amount, but I’ve got a little gambling problem.”

    I wonder if he is biking now because he lost his car gambling?

  2. Dr.M says:

    I definitely agree that he should attach a basket to his bike or at least some panniers. While he’s at it he might also pack a cooler so his beer stays extra chilly like mine:

    Really, the only way to roll is in style.