Girl Walk // All Day // Dance Party

Girl Walk // All Day is a super cute and life-affirming dance music video, featuring a bunch of people improv-dancing their way across New York to the entirety of Girl Talk’s album All Day. It’ll be closing off SF IndieFest tomorrow night at the Roxie Theater with a screening and accompanying dance party.

Here’s a little more about the film, plus a trailer:

A young dancer finds herself bored with her ballet rehearsal. One day, she impulsively quits, then takes a ferry to the city. Feeling incredibly inspired by what she sees, Anne dances her way across New York, using the city as her stage. Throughout her journey, she meets characters of all types, including a series of like-minded dancers, who’ll inspire new movements, engage her in small battles, and teach her to fear, love, laugh and live anew. From the ferry to museums, subways, ball games, bridges, bodegas, graveyards, flower shops, and more, Anne’s journey will bring her far and wide as the city explodes with dance!

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