Humphry Slocombe flooded

Turns out last night’s buckets of rain did more than just make people feel scared/cozy. Humphry Slocombe laments via Twitter that the store has been flooded, which not only is surely causing lots of headaches but also has damaged copies of their newly-printed recipe book. Luckily they’ve probably got some bourbon on hand. We’re sorry, guys! Chin up!

4 Responses to “Humphry Slocombe flooded”

  1. Travis says:

    I think the Wallgreens at Mission & Chavez got flooded too? They had a lot of water-removal kit around the entryway area, at least.

    What the hell happened last night?

  2. J-Lub says:

    Maybe they’ll make a flavor out of the flood water/sewage…I am sure people would line up all day for it.

  3. karl says:

    fuck these guys. they made light of a spate of homicides that happened at my apartment a few years ago in 7×7 to show how ‘street’ they are. you wouldn’t be fucking saying that if two dudes who just murdered a bunch of guys ten feet away from you tried to break in to your apartment while you barricaded the door with your body. fuck these guys. murder is not fun, cool or witty.