So just what the hell is going on at 15th and Dolores?

This old building on 15th and Dolores has been hiked up on stilts for a couple of months now. Wondering why? No, it’s not being relocated to Oakland to be cooler.

The short answer is that someone’s excavating the site for construction of a new building. The long answer involves some crazy-ass history including a Luterhan church founded by Swedes and an arson plot allegedly perpetrated by the Aryan brotherhood.

Intrigued? Read on at Curbed SF.

[photo by dexnandflexn]

18 Responses to “So just what the hell is going on at 15th and Dolores?”

  1. rod says:

    i think that building is protected as ‘historic’, so the developers have to build their condos around/on top of it . . .

  2. scum says:

    why no mention of central kitchen, probably the most important restaurant opening in city all year (or st. vincent for that matter). someone’s palm was not greased first?

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Very nice to see that the developers were forced to save the building, as opposed to just demolish it.

  4. freesleeper says:

    They already moved it over to the inner edge of the property to make room for something streetside.
    I’ll miss my old squat – had a lot of fun there back in the day.

  5. Greg says:

    I don’t think that meets the seismic code.

  6. Barbara Graber says:

    Back in the early 90′s that corner was a community garden.

  7. Correction8er says:

    also back in the 90s, 15-year-old Tricia Sullivan of Klamath Falls was murdered there by her ‘friends.’ the gutted ruins of that church used to be where a lot of homeless kids crashed, did dope and even murdered each other.

    “On May 12, 1995, a different street teen disappeared – for good. Police found her body stuffed into a closet in a burned-out church taken over by squatters. She had been strangled. Black and red occult symbols adorned her face. Downstairs, in the makeshift bedroom of one of her alleged assailants, a dresser held dirty laundry, a bottle of bleach, and used syringes. Above it was a fading Judy Collins photo and a bit of graffiti scrawled on the wall: “There’s nothing like senseless violence to snap you out of a depression.”

    There was no identification on the corpse, just a Muni transfer ticket and some pocket changes. The body was transported to the morgue, placed on a slab, and classified as Jane Doe No. 16. Autopsied by the city pathologist four days later, she was found to be a healthy woman, between 15 and 18 years of age.

    A runaway who had given herself a new identity and rechristened herself “Stevie,” she melded with the other lost souls, young discards, and misfits who have thrown off mainstream society’s rules and call San Francisco’s streets home.”

  8. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    I remember that one. Do you remember this one, on Bartlett Street?