Pigeon snuggles up with owl statue

Don’t invest in owl statue stock today. I have a feeling the entire pigeon scareowl industry is going down as the result of this damning snap at 16th and Capp that Mr. Eric Sir posted yesterday.

He adds:

While we may sit back and laugh at the apparent stupidity of the pigeons, sometimes I question whether we’re any less stupid.

That’s right, it’s time to start paying attention to pigeons. They don’t seem to have a problem chowing down on their fellow birdkind. They’ve even learned to ride BART. Next they’ll be taking our jobs and they wont need us around anymore. Hitchcock was right.

[via Mr. Eric Sir]

4 Responses to “Pigeon snuggles up with owl statue”

  1. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    I’ve noticed that my cockatiels seem to have no problem cohabiting with my plastic owl.

    I think that what Mr. Eric Sir is getting at is: Mission residents might be stupid to try to cohabit tolerantly with the more predatory individuals in their environment.

    Or maybe we just LOOK stupid.

  2. Resident says:

    Pigeons get a bad wrap.

    They are now known as one of the few animals tested that can do complex math. They can also see into the Ultraviolet range, making their color perception much more deep than humans and many other animals. Their hearing is also much more fine tuned than humans. They also have enhanced sensitivity to magnetic forces, hence their known skills as messengers.

    Apparently, after seeing this post, they may have heightened abilities when it comes to calling out BS.

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