Cafe Gratitude shuttering forever on May 25th

I Am Bummed. (Right?)

[via WBTC]

Update: And, it’s gonna be a fancy grilled cheese place.

24 Responses to “Cafe Gratitude shuttering forever on May 25th”

  1. lurkskatesf. says:

    o well………………………………………

  2. Chris B. says:

    Close on my ding-a-ling

  3. plumpy says:

    I am ambivalent. I will miss the sweet painting of the amputee on a rope swing most of all, though.

  4. Sweet T says:

    And I’m grateful for this.

  5. rod says:

    what i’ve heard is that the owners were not so ‘grateful’ to the employees, getting caught skimming wages and tips didn’t work out for them . . .

  6. MrEricSir says:

    Cheese > raw vegan bullshit

  7. Its it says:

    I saw a tourist bus let off folks to pile into Flour and Water …..enough SF unique places we need suburban blandness …..Toasted Cheese should fit the bill

  8. blah says:

    Buh-bye cult weirdos.

  9. Edswar says:

    Good riddance…take all the burner looneys with ya too.

    • Wall Nuts Creek says:

      Yes all those hippy dippy types. I was shocked to find them here when I moved here for my tech job. What are they doing here. The more bland , conservative and Ohio like the better!! We need more bitter white conservative types in the Mission. In SUVs please.

  10. Ryan says:

    If the grilled cheese place has a vegan version (like the vegan mac+cheese at that mac+cheese place in Oakland), it will already be waaaaay better than Cafe Gratitude. If they have a vegan grilled cheese with tempeh bacon in it, i may just die. (of morbid obesity and sheer joy.)

  11. Nick says:

    Is Gracias Madre closing?

  12. Going to miss them says:

    I am going to miss the Cult Sandwich I mean Club

  13. I’ll miss them! I feel like we already have plenty of gourmet grilled cheese options around town, but Gratitude was a very unique place with surprisingly decent food… and surprisingly rude staff (sometimes), but whatever, I’ll still miss it.

  14. Cults are for suckers. Good riddance.

  15. Hater says:

    Good riddence!

  16. sx says:

    Thank god. What a crap place with crap food. It’s weird that Gracias Madre is so good and CG is so terrible.

  17. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Now we can all concentrate on going to San Francisco’s GOOD cult-run Vegetarian restaurant: Ananda Fuara. That place fucking rules.