Trapped in an elevator

Our pal Brittney had a serious scare, and lived to tell about it:

Then the elevator moved, but then it stopped. Then the display began FLASHING. Then nothing. No movement. No opening of doors. Just the silent flashing of the following:

_ _

After about 30 seconds I began to jab wildly at the Open Doors button, even though I’ve been told by numerous know-it-alls that that button is impotent and does nothing. Still I stabbed at it like a frenzied murderer.

Then the elevator began to ascend, maybe descend, it was hard to  tell, because the elevator began to move while still FLASHING the ominous:

_ _

“Are we moving?!” The young man hand both palms flat against the side of the elevator walls and his eyes bulged from his face.

“I don’t knowwwwhatthefuckisgoingon?!?!?,” was my approximate reaction.

The quickness with which I began to lose my shit was astounding. I immediately had trouble breathing and when I realized I might be stuck inside that elevator I knew I couldn’t do it. I knew my whole body would shut right down.

Yikes! Read on for the dramatic conclusion.

[GIF via Honey Jets]

2 Responses to “Trapped in an elevator”

  1. AllanHoughSuxPenis says:

    Allan Hough… trapped in the closet.

  2. Hell Yeah! says:

    Fuckin’ right on Areosmith! Now we’re talking….oh wait. I’m sorry. Never mind.