Wing bombs and firecracker balls invade former Siam Saigon space

Reader Jason tipped us off to the new restaurant taking the place of Siam Saigon at 29th/Mission. And it’s another Thai restaurant! Just what this city needs, right?

The new place, slated to open on July 1st, is called Thai Idea and is vegetarian/vegan only, and I’m excited because I love me some fake meats (please, save your ammo for taggers). The menu includes exciting offerings such as “Wing Bomb” (crispy veggie chicken and homemade sauce topped with crispy basil) and “Firedcracker Balls” (sic) (veggie Ahi tuna roll, panko deep-fried, mayo mustard & spicy sauce). Sounds fun!

6 Responses to “Wing bombs and firecracker balls invade former Siam Saigon space”

  1. sure says:

    The one of Polk is AMAZING – best Thai place for veggy/vegans for sure.

  2. sure says:

    ^^ on Polk!

  3. kiya says:

    You sure this isn’t at Valencia at 18th in the old money laundering front that was the buffalo wing spot?

  4. Grizzled Mission says:

    I’m happy to see a veggie Thai place. I’m always afraid I’m getting undisclosed fish sauce at your run-of-the-mill Thai restaurant.

  5. Vincent says:

    I’ve been to the one on Polk (ordered the wing bomb) and it was a bit disappointing. I’m happy to see any restaurant cater to vegan/vegetarians, however, they heavily use the fake meats that are cheaply available at any Asian market in the Sunset/Richmond. Their sauces are ok. Kind of place you get excited for and then realize you could of just cooked a similar meal at home for way cheaper.

    But if you don’t cook or are just feeling lazy it’s a decent option, I guess.