CONTEST: Win tickets to ‘When We Fall Apart’ at Z Space!

Live theater! When was the last time you saw some live theater? Z Space seems to be the place to see some, and I’ll be damned if the above image isn’t seriously sparking my curiosity. Here’s the deal:

Z Space presents Joe Goode Performance Group <>  in the world premiere of When We Fall Apart, a dance theater work that examines the intricate and fragile relationship between house and body, and the determination and resilience of the human spirit. Life (and the body that contains it) is impermanent and – like everything – eventually falls apart. Goode explores the motivations that keep us building, even as life might collapse around us, by weaving the real life stories of audience & community members into the work itself. Architect and collaborator Cass Calder Smith <>  provides a visual “house of art,” constructed to collapse, re-shape, and illuminate the songs, stories, and movement that take place within. Featuring original music composed and performed live by Ben Juodvalkis of the band Battlehooch <> . Presented and commissioned by Z Space.

I like the sound of a collapsing house, and I love the sound of Battlehooch. Sucks to be reminded that everything falls apart though :(

To win tickets to Friday’s 9pm show, tell us your best things-falling-apart story in the comments section below. Winners will be selected based on merit and awarded a pair of tickets. Contest ends at noon tomorrow (Thursday).

Buy tickets here. Now here’s another pic:

7 Responses to “CONTEST: Win tickets to ‘When We Fall Apart’ at Z Space!”

  1. L says:

    Oh I love Joe Goode group and would love to see them for free! Though my best falling apart story is saved for grief support group.

    Here’s one: Last Saturday I was running late to an afternoon gig, My kid had a big meltdown, then when I finally get out the door jogging six blocks to bus station with 40 lbs of gear and uncomfortable shoes, I just miss the bus.

    Pissed off but not falling apart, I wait for the next bus. Eventually it comes. And who should be on that bus but Elvis!

    During conversation with Elvis, I learned that tailored sequined jumpsuits are not only a bitch to get into, but even harder to take off after a sweaty successful show. Also relationships can be hard for a celebrity (impersonator) because people just want to see something other than you.

    So that’s when my world began to deliciously fell apart. When you bump into Elvis on a bus and a giant 10-foot vagina on the corner where you live, it’s like a glimpse of Maya/illusion, a nibble of mushshroom, or a portion of anatomically correct daily fresh bread as Spirit bakes it.

  2. Sami Cubias says:

    Best Falling Apart Story:
    I once logged on to Facebook and saw a wall post telling me that I could win free tickets to a JGPG show, two minutes before the contest ended.
    Trying to come up with a story is making me fall apart– I’m at work, so I’m trying to type this out secretly, too!
    Ah! It’s worth a shot!

  3. G says:

    Something I wrote while I was once falling apart:

    The universe likes to fuck with me. Not to say that I don’t have control over my own faith, but why do so many things that occur in my life seem as if they were straight out of a movie? There is no such thing as normal in my world.

    It’s over. Just like that. It started, it was beautiful and loving and tumultuous and crazy, and now it’s over.

    Fuck. It hurts.

    It feels as if I’m going through the break up all over again. Multiple broken hearts. Multiple open wounds. Multiple tears that follow. Fuck.

    I spent years making my last house feel like a home, but I gave it up in an instant to live with him. Hell, I would have moved into a box had he asked me to. I was WAY too enamored. Is there such a thing? Yes. There is. Stupid. 1o days I’ve been meandering about trying to make sense of all this. And now I’m homeless and alone. I’m so tired.

    He was too young! It was too soon and he was too young and didn’t have the capabilities to be with someone like me. But who does? It’s hard to be with me, I know. I’m a lot to handle on my own, much less in a relationship, so I can understand why I would scare someone away so soon. I tried warning him…but he didn’t believe me when I said that it would be difficult. They never do. I should have known better.

    I looked up the 5 stages of grief and I definitely have been following true to that model. I’ve been in denial, anger, and bargaining, and I think i’m currently in the fourth stage: depression. I’ve tried to stay strong through this, but it’s been weighing on me so much…I’m holding on by a thread.

    Stay positive. Keep your head up. Don’t break down. Do what you need to do. I just keep repeating these in my mind and hoping they stick for the moment.

    I will be okay. I know I will. And yes, I know time will heal…blah, blah blah…but fuck, it hurts.

    Oh, well.

  4. me! says:

    I saw this show last week. It’s really funny.

  5. Z Space Employee says:

    If you’re not familiar with Z Space– check out this youtube video. We have a lot of fun here.

  6. Rebecca says:

    In the course of two years I lost my job; snapped my achillies tendon mid-leap while dancing & couldn’t walk for 4 months; wrecked my car when it malfunctioned & flipped off Highway 1; lost my home of many years when my landlords lost both of their jobs & moved back in; was forced to leave my art studio because it had income limits & my parters’ income became too high; had a falling out with my best friend; helped my parents move in with me when they lost their house in the mortgage crisis; & ran out of unemployment insurance income. I’m glad life has built back up to better times since then.

  7. bravo baby says:

    It’s an awesome show! And yeah the keyboardist from Battlehooch is badass.