Your face as a hood ornament

10 Responses to “Your face as a hood ornament”

  1. DJM says:


  2. Nina says:

    Hey, that’s my face! Now I have to figure out whose bike it is. Where did you spot this?

  3. scum says:

    It puts the face on the basket.

  4. Tristan says:

    OMG how did my friend get on that bike??

  5. Jenny W says:

    It’s my bike. I was at the Nina theme party and didn’t want to throw away the mask after, but could not ride with it on my face. I guess if figured my bike would want to wear it. Forgot to take it off off the basket when I got home. Now I never will! Looks good, no?

  6. 'Deep says:

    Nina is everywhere and nowhere! Nina Forever (Happy Birthday Nina!)

  7. not fake says:

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  8. wow, why would someone want to do that voluntarily?