How California made baseball the awesome thing it is today

The other day we took a look at some great sports-related newspaper clippings. In the comments section of that post, reader Ivy sent us a link to yet another, the above celebration of baseball’s 50th anniversary. Ivy points out that the custom lettering in quite a joy to behold, but my favorite part is the part about California’s special place in baseball’s history. It mentions New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut as states important to the history of the sport, and then says:

But none of them have done more to make baseball what it is than California. Ever since pioneer days, when Market street was a side thoroughfare and Fillmore a pile of sand, the name of California has been closely linked with the national pastime.

When the baseball fever began to spread throughout the country in due time it reached the Golden state. The germ was very contagious, and before many moons there were professional and amateur baseball teams in nearly every city of California.

California makes everything better, doy. Click here to see the whole thing. (Love that line about Market and Fillmore!)

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