Farina’s opulent bathroom is a good place to piss during a dire bladder moment

Asked about her favorite interesting SF bathrooms, our pal Elly offers some sage advice:

i would never set foot in FARINA except to piss in their bathroom during a dire bladder moment.  which has only happened once, and i was conflicted about even peeing in their bathroom because i see FARINA as a psychogeographic symbol of various things which have been taken from san francisco over the past 7 to 10 years. anyway, the bathroom is upstairs and it’s really opulent. [link]

I will surely keep that in mind, especially now that Dolores Park’s new bathrooms are facing delays. Anyway, here’s a peek inside:

Looks cool.

[Photo by binkitybonk]

8 Responses to “Farina’s opulent bathroom is a good place to piss during a dire bladder moment”

  1. scum says:

    I like how she matched her sweater to the tiles. She had to have been there before.

  2. Zoidberg says:

    your content thieving is bad and you should feel bad.

  3. Ronny says:

    Farina is just another symbol of the passage of time. No more, no less.

  4. elly says:

    TO CLARIFY that is not me in the photo. i would hate that poor woman in the photo to be mistaken for someone who thinks about psychogeography while peeing

    • boney bob says:

      why oh why can’t we have posts of people saying stupid shit with pictures of their actual selves so we can mock them in person???!!!

  5. KyleM says:

    I’m not used to seeing a woman take a picture of herself in a bathroom mirror with her clothes on. I don’t like it.

  6. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    God damn, LE knows everyone.

  7. Dr. J says:

    Farina is pretty awesome. My roommate, Latino, Mission-raised, agrees. Of course, all we need are more hipsters from middle class families moving into the Mission from who-the-fuck-cares where telling us what is wrong with a really good, authentic restaurant with possibly the coolest outdoor space in the city…