How to haul your big ol’ tube television to the landfill using a Muni bus

[via Sexpigeon]

27 Responses to “How to haul your big ol’ tube television to the landfill using a Muni bus”

  1. Chachito415 says:

    Good for her. I’m sure she appreciates her privacy infringed on this blog for no reason. First time on a bus, photographer?

    • thanks says:

      first time on the internet?

      • Whataperv says:

        It doesn’t change the fact that the reason she’s been posted on the internet is dubious. Oh look, someone has to take something that privileged people usually take in a car on the bus. WOWEEE LIFE IN THE BIG CITY

        • your drivel is getting old

        • thanks says:

          serious question perv: why are you so obsessed with this blog? why do you keep coming back and commenting as if someone was paying you to do it if you’re clearly not interested? what will it take to get you off their nuts?

          • Whataperv says:

            Well, I’m clearly interested. Why? It’s entertaining. Some people watch Honey Boo Boo, I watch Mission Mission. Why do I comment? Because I can. I have been invited to. Or maybe it’s, I comment, therefor I am? I’m not the only commenter on this blog who generally disagrees with the tone and pretension on display. When I see something I like I say so.

            Serious question, thanks, why do you comment on this blog? What made you feel like defending the internet? What made you feel like putting pictures of a random person taking her tv somewhere on the internet? Why is my response less valid than yours?

          • Thur says:

            He’s obsessed because you’re paying attention to him. If everyone agreed to ignore the lonely troll he’d eventually get bored and go away.

    • LibertyHiller says:

      What privacy? She’s on the bus. You have some rights when it comes to being photographed in public, but you don’t have privacy.

  2. scum says:

    There is no landfill in S.F. and Muni doesnt go to the dump. You can however take Muni to Caltrain then Caltrain to the dump on Tunnel.

  3. Alabama St. says:

    Isn’t that what the sidewalk is for? Put it out, slap a “FREE” sign on it and check on it in 30 minutes. Voila! Like magic, it’s gone!

  4. P.D.Bird says:

    Maybe she found it on the sidewalk and was taking this home.

  5. OC P.D.Bird Fans says:

    Our thoughts exactly!

  6. SlideSF says:

    How do you know she’s not taking it to the electronic recycling place. Rid you interview her? Because if you did, I’m not seeing any citations. or are you just making assumptions? As usual.

  7. Hatert says:

    What a twat. Try to take one of these insipid pictures of me some day, I dare you

  8. jerkface says:

    “Bunch of slack jaw faggots around here..!” – Jesse Ventura

  9. Tecquiahuitl says:

    I also agree that this photo is just plain rude. Is this all you got? So what! Life in the big city obviously does not agree with you. Maybe you should move back to Orinda.

    Hey, you can’t at least blur this woman’s face before you humiliate her? The only thing I would have done to this woman is offer her help if she needed it. Obviously the easiest solution is to stop reading your blog.

  10. Morton says:

    Whoever took this pic needs to go back to the suburbs

  11. ofbiwe says:

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