CXL – a new feature film

Our buddy, local filmmaker Sean Gillane recently completed his first feature film, shot mostly in the Mission (in apartments, Lone Palm, Dolores Park, etc.). CXL premieres Saturday 11/11 at 8:30pm at Cinema by the Bay.

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This poignant and darkly comedic debut feature from Sean Gillane focuses on Nolan, an aspiring writer who feels stuck. He is frustrated with his career, his relationships, the world and ultimately with himself. Unable to keep from displaying his considerable disdain, he focuses on everything wrong in his life as he treads the same dissatisfying paths. When he meets the stunning and unpredictable Cassie, she invites him to let down his guard and enjoy the world around him. Nolan slowly gives in to Cassie’s exuberance, but just as he begins to change his perspective, circumstances conspire to throw his already fragile psyche into turmoil. Turning even more deeply inward, Nolan attempts escape, but must ultimately face his life as he has made it.

6 Responses to “CXL – a new feature film”

  1. Sean G says:

    Thanks Ariel!

    Hope to see some of you folks out there!

  2. WA says:

    Boy meets MPDG. Boy learns to open up and be in the moment. MPDG dies. Neurotic existentialism ensues.

  3. Millions says:

    Yeah… Jake Lyall!